First Blockchain Security Token Exchange – Built on Stellar (XLM)

Originally featured July 13th, 2018 Cryptocoinspy

DSTOQ – a security tokens exchange ‘stealth project’- has recently launched its MVP as “the first fully licensed stock exchange for trading security tokens and investing in real-world assets using cryptocurrencies”.

Fully integrated with Stellar’s Decentralised Exchange, users will be able access peer-to-peer trading of security tokens, with settlement times between two to five seconds, all while utilising the liquidity of Stellar’s inbuilt DEX. According to DSTOQ, the trade settlement times of Stellar’s protocol make it 100,000 times faster than a traditional stock exchange.

The tokenization of real-world assets is an important step towards bringing cryptocurrencies into mainstream financial markets and we are proud to be the first company to have achieved this on a fully licensed platform. We are excited to launch the DSTOQ Exchange in the coming months and to fulfil our mission of providing high growth opportunities to investors worldwide.” – Craig McGregor, CEO

According to Craig McGregor, CEO of DSTOQ, they are the first exchange of its kind granted the relevant financial licence. Having secured €1.7 million in funding, the company developed the exchange in stealth mode before launching their MVP this month. The exchange marks a significant milestone achievement and validation of cryptocurrency-backed exchanges, as well as demonstrating the potential technological advantages that utilising blockchain networks can bring. The launch of DSTOQ is also a glowing endorsement and vote of confidence in the Stellar Protocol. 

The advantages and potential markets that DEX trading can create through the onboarding of traditional securities are many, with DSTOQ’s offering likely to attract the attention of further industry investment. Despite recent negative price movement for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, steady news stories of product and exchange development on the Stellar network show no signs of stopping, and look certain to build into Q3 and Q4.

Chain Inc. Acquired by Lightyear (Stellar – XLM) to become Interstellar

Originally featured September 10th, 2018 Cryptocoinspy

Just in – Chain Inc, a San Francisco startup, has confirmed its acquisition by Lightyear Corp., the for-profit company developing the Stellar network.

Both the Chain and Lightyear brand will be combined into a new company and re-named ‘Interstellar’. Chain’s customer base and products will be migrated onto Stellar’s public ledger, allowing for the issuance, exchange and management of all assets onto their blockchain network.

When we started a few years ago, our customers were not ready for a public network. Fast forward to three years, they’re willingness has gone up, and the maturity of the public networks has changed a lot,’

Adam Ludwin (CEO Chain/Interstellar)

Confirmation of this major acquisition will send shockwaves through the cryptocurrency markets, and marks a significant industry merger. Chain raised over $40 million in initial funding from Citi, Visa, Nasdaq and others, and brings a wealth of knowledge and connections. These industry ties will set off further institutional adoption rumours, and looks to be aligning with the Stellar network’s lightning network integration by end of year.

Equally excitingly for Stellar Lumens holders, Stellar X – a brand new front-end for its decentralised exchange, built by app veterans from Kickstarter and OkCupid – will also be included within Interstellar’s product portfolio, adding yet further validation to their technology. 

Proponents of the Stellar ecosystem and cryptocurrency aficionados alike should have little doubt of the monumental impact of this merger. The race for adoption is well and truly on.